Our Mission

Yangtze Repertory Theatre celebrates and inspires artists who are global citizens through producing work that evokes conversations across cultures. 

We see the world through a contemporary perspective and produce work that has immediacy. By bringing a unique voice to the cultural dialogue, we enrich the experience of the community we serve. We position ourselves at the nexus of ideas from East and West and strive to bridge the cultural gap between artists and organizations from different cultures through partnerships and collaboration. 

Core Values

Cultural Sensitivity

We embrace differences with our hearts and souls open. As cultural transplants, we constantly find ourselves observing and reflecting, being awed or challenged, feeling moved or transformed. We see the world in a new light that we otherwise wouldn’t have had. Our productions have always been performed in multi-languages with supertitles to guarantee their accessibility.


Artists are vulnerable, because they are willing to share the deepest side of themselves with the rest of the world. We respect people who put themselves at risk and we are here to make them feel safe and supported. 


New York has become a city like no others because of its openness and diversity. We choose to build a community with like-minded people and with people whom we disagree, with people who share our experiences, and those who don’t. We believe theatre has the power to connect us all albeit being different.