From: Yangtze Repertory Theatre

To: Copyright Holder of Gerhard Nellhaus’ Translation of Romulus the Great

Subject: Seeking Performance Rights


Yangtze Repertory Theatre (“Theatre”)’s production of Romulus The Great (“Play”), by Friedrich Dürrenmatt, is based on the English translation by Gerhard Nellhaus (published in 1964 by Jonathan Cape). Diogenes Verlag AG, which holds the underlying rights of the Play, has granted the Theatre the performance rights to bring the Play to stage, but has informed the Theatre that the rights to use the English translation by Nellhaus need to be obtained separately. Between December 2017 and April 2018, the Theatre has contacted WME, ICM Partners, The Sayle Literary Agency, Grove Atlantic, Jonathan Cape/Penguin Random House and Curtis Brown seeking the performance rights, but none of the them is the copyright holder. Samuel French, The University of Chicago Press, and Houghton Library at Harvard University have also advised the search process.

Please contact Sally Shen ( if you are the copyright holder of Gerhard Nellhaus’ translation of the Play.


Yangtze Repertory Theatre would also like to thank below organizations who have been helpful and resourceful in the process:

Diogenes Verlag AG


ICM Partners

Grove Atlantic

Penguin Random House

The Random House Group

Curtis Brown Group Ltd

Samuel French

The University of Chicago Press

Houghton Library at Harvard University